We Create Miniature Indoor Watergardens

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of care does the garden require?

The indoor garden keeper will have many of the typical gardening responsibilities that the outdoor gardener faces. On a miniaturized scale, the indoor gardener will have to mulch, weed, prune, plant, and occasionally fertilize. Automatic timer controlled watering is by means of a built in reservoir. The reservoir requires a multi gallon water refill once a week.

On average what are the dimensions of the gardens?

To achieve the full landscape effect we decided on the 6 foot garden (horizontal dimension) with a 24” depth. The actual “window” dimension of the garden is 72”(w)x 20”(h). The dimensions of the entire unit are 75”w, 40”h, 24”d. The entire unit is comprised of a series of modular boxes which are stackable. The rear and side panels are mirrored. The entire unit can readily be assembled/disassembled for relocation purposes. The garden compartment weighs approximately 200 pounds. The entire unit (all panels and compartments) weighs approximately 300 pounds. The furniture grade exteriors of these gardens are made with a choice of hardwoods including oak, maple, birch and aspen. Pine can also be used. The front panel of the main garden is wrapped in decorative copper sheathing.

What type of lighting does the garden have?

A combination LED/fluorescent lights on automatic timers (16 hrs on, 8 hrs. off) are the “sunshine” for our landscapes. The LED lights have very low electric demands and produce light in the red and blue wavelengths. The fluorescent lighting provides a more full spectrum light including visible light for viewing.

Is there an ideal temperature range for the garden?

The acceptable temperature range for these gardens is from 60 degrees Fahrenheit to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

How long do these gardens take to create?

These are custom built gardens which are built on a commission basis. Input from the commissioner is important and expected. A garden takes approximately 2 months to build.

How do you get these landscapes to looks so realistic?

Early on we realized to group trees of the same species to achieve a highly naturalized, realistic rendition of the outdoor landscape. The beauty of group planting is the immediate creation of a realistic landscape in a short time. Conversely, bonsai cultivation may take several years to obtain. Group plantings in combination with highly naturalized rock formations and water features provide the viewer with a realistic and thus believable landscape.

What are the electrical requirements and placement considerations?

A 20 amp standard electrical outlet in close proximity to the garden is needed to activate the waterfall and irrigation pumps and lighting. Total electric draw to run the pumps and lights is approximately 200 watts. Electric outlet installation is by the commissioner.

 The garden can obviously be enjoyed in a wide variety of indoor settings. Interior placement and viewing height are to be decided by the owner. The garden will require occasional maintenance (eg. pruning, raking etc.). Thus, flooring in front of the garden may need to be protected. Placement location, types of stands (eg. counter, table) or cabinetry would all be on a to be determined basis.