We Create Miniature Indoor Watergardens

As professional gardeners, the recurring question we kept asking ourselves was why not rule out the weather extremes? Why not create an indoor, living, 3-dimensional, natural landscape setting that provides year round therapy and enjoyment? Why not incorporate mountains, cliffs, waterfalls, streams, group plantings and understory vegetation into this landscape?

We decided to start creating miniature indoor watergardens on a commission basis for private residences, retirement communities, and businesses.  Our vision is to bring the beauty of nature indoors on a miniature scale.  Our interest in botany, forestry, woodworking, waterscaping, and landscaping culminated into the concept of the miniature indoor watergarden.  The objective is to achieve an in-scale garden landscape, which also includes a water feature. This 365-day-a-year indoor garden is illuminated by LED/fluorescent lighting, creating a unique environment of beauty and peace.

We are landscape artists and every piece we create is a unique living piece of art.  As these gardens are by commission, the design, scale and price will vary.  If you are interested in our work please find more information under our FAQ or Contact Us for more information.

Robert Dekker

Rob holds a BS in Botany (Calvin College) and an MF in Forestry (Duke University).  He has been involved in creative waterscaping in the New York metro area since 1986.  Rob’s water gardens can be found in hundreds of backyards.

Stephen Dekker

Stephen's involvement with waterscaping began in first grade when he spent the summer working for the family waterscaping business.  Since that time he has been involved with waterscape design, building, and maintenance.